• Inventory Item tags

    Tags now show the weight, armor and damage bonuses as tags. These tags automatically display on the top of the inventory, and the damage is added to the roll when using “Roll Damage”

  • Armor Changes

    You can now customize your armor amount by specifying a manual bonus, and deciding which inventory items count towards the armor rating using their “armor” tags.


  • Upload character photo

    Edit your character and use the “Upload” button to use a photo directly from your device without having to find where to host it.

  • Upload user avatar

    You can upload your own avatar instead of the one from your first login social profile, use the “Account” page by going into the sidebar and pressing your email, then “Account”.

  • Search for every page

    You now have search bars on top of more pages: notes, inventory, and battle have all been given the same search capabilities as the reference page from the version 1.2.4.

    Did you know? - When you search, your query includes name, descriptions, and even tags!

  • Note tags

    You can now add tags to your notes, if you wish. They will allow you to more easily categorize them, and are searchable.

  • Bug fixes, stability improvements


There are a lot of changes in this version, read all about them here:

  • New Settings Page

    There’s not a lot there right now, but it will slowly pile up! The backup (import/export) feature has been moved there, and so has the toggle for keeping the screen on.

    Access it from the sidebar.

  • Export custom classes

    It’s finally here - you can now also export custom classes, alongside your characters. You can also share these files with other friends who use Dungeon Paper. Re-importing classes will update their reference on the character, so it’s a great way to centralize updates to homebrew. The backup feature has moved to the “Settings” page, at the bottom of the sidebar.

  • Items can be equipped

    Items now have a property that declares whether the item is currently held & is being used. They will be separated into their own section in the Inventory tab so you can track them easily.

  • Auto armor and auto damage modifier

    Now that you can equip items:

    • “Damage” tags on equipped items are counted towards your damage roll modifier, which is reflected when you press “Roll Damage” on the Battle tab.
    • “Armor” tags on equipped items are counted towards your armor. If you want to manually override the armor value, uncheck “Automatically calculate from equipped items” on the armor edit dialog (which can be accessed by pressing the armor in the either Profile tab or the Inventory tab).
    • You can see what has been calculated atop the Inventory tab. Long-tap a chip to re-read information about how it works.
  • We added more search capabilities to some screens, namely the reference tab, and adding moves an spells. We will be adding more soon!

  • Collapse/show sections

    You can now collapse sections in the app, if you are not using them or are using them less often.

    • Any collapsible section now has a down arrow next to it, which means it can be collapsed. Simply press anywhere on the title to collapse, and press again to expand.
    • Collapse states are saved per character, so you can hide different sections depending on who you are playing as today.
  • Presets for races

    When adding/updating custom classes, press on a preset above the “+” button to immediately pre-fill a name for your race.

  • Align your character’s image

    Character could always have images that represent who they are. But using images in unmatching proportions would sometimes hide the best parts of that image. When you edit your character, press the alignment button to change which side the image is attached to, so you don’t have to re-crop images to fit better.

  • As always, more bugfixes and stability improvements


  • Character import/export

    You can now export and import your characters, for backup, sharing, or whatever reason. Press on the cog icon above your characters in the sidebar, and from there you can use the “Backup” button to import/export a JSON file containing character data.

  • Stat rolls improvements

    Pressing on your stats now rolls in the same screen, avoiding the context switch. You can always open the full dialog by pressing the edit (pencil) button.

  • Moves have templates

    When you create or edit moves, you can now use pre-built templates to speed up your repetitive typing. If you have any suggestions for changes or improvements, let us know!

  • Dungeon Paper is now available on iOS!

    If you have iOS devices you can go right ahead and use your account there. You can also link your Apple ID to your account which will let you sign in using Apple’s built-in sign in features.

    If you have friends who use iOS, now they can use Dungeon Paper to play with you!

    Tip: Dungeon Paper is pretty cool when you use a tablet. Lots more room to read & type!

  • Misc

    More bugfixes and stability improvements


  • We have an exciting, brand-new theme!

    Look out for refinements and changes in the following versions. We welcome all your feedback and would appreciate your thoughts on it.

  • Press stats to immediately roll

    You can now roll any modifier with a 2d6 by pressing the appropriate stat in the main page. Long-press the stat to edit the stat for your character.

  • Dungeon Paper Account

    • You now have an official Dungeon Paper account and you can update your display name. See your account page in the sidebar by pressing the area with your email and photo, or if you’re new, sign up with one of the methods in the login screen.
    • You can now sign up or log in using plain email & password. If you are a new user, you can create an account from the sign in screen. If you already have a Dungeon Paper account, you can link a new account from your Account screen.
  • Categorize your notes freely

    Note categories are no longer limited to the predefined categories. Type any text or use the default categories by typing into the category text field.

  • Misc

    • Looks are now shown in the biography dialog as well.
    • Bugfixes and stability improvements


  • We have added roll buttons in certain places in the app. Long-press the roll buttons to load them in the full roll dialog.
  • There is now a biography in character edit screen. You can view it & the class description on the paper icon next to your character name.
  • Change whether the app keeps the screen always on or not, using the toggle in the sidebar.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements


Thank you for your continued support!

  • First public release
  • This version adds a dice roller to the app bar
  • Redesigned the character creation/edit view
  • Added a “Compendium” section in the sidebar, which boasts custom classes!
  • Your account is now available offline!


  • Added “Manage Characters” screen that lets you reorder them.
  • Various bug fixes


Thank you, dear users, for providing valuable feedback!

  • Fixed an issue with updating notes after the previous update.
  • Fixed an issue with adding new moves from the higher levels set. If you do not manage to add new moves for levels 1-5 or 6-10, try logging out and then back in.


  • Major backend overhaul, and improvements to data handling & reliability
  • Preparations for custom classes
  • Bugfix in max HP calculation
  • Added Barbarian class to predefined list


  • Edit looks with custom text, or pick from predefined list
  • Split move/spell creation
  • Added spell create/edit screen


  • Character creation wizard
  • Added “What’s New?” dialog
  • Bugfixes and small UI improvements
  • Check out our Facebook and Twitter!


  • Improved error reporting
  • Improved login loader
  • Show tag descriptions
  • Updated Dungeon World data package
  • Fixed bug with inventory items not being created with tags
  • General bugfixes


  • Added about screen
  • Added feedback with link to email
  • Replaced “edit” icon near character details to cog


  • Added dropdown for class choice in add move list
  • Added error reporting to Sentry


  • Bugfix in character creation


  • Bugfix in edit tag display


  • Added tag editing to inventory items.


  • Added a display for coins, atop the inventory. You can press on them to update the value
  • Added encumbrance display atop the inventory.
  • Minor bugfixes


  • Fixed some ‘looks’ options being merged into a single option
  • Updated 3rd party libraries


  • Added ability to set spells as prepared
  • Added explanation field to moves


  • Added ability to set spells as prepared


  • You can now edit looks and race
  • Your race move is now displayed atop your starting moves
  • Bugfixes


  • Added reference view with basic & special moves
  • Added display for armor and hit dice
  • Bugfixes


  • Added display for armor and hit dice
  • Bugfixes


  • Added display for armor and hit dice


  • First open beta release


  • Added ability to delete character
  • Updated Inventory icon
  • Added number field for editing amount of inventory items
  • Updated app icon